Try BM #1570 which is Gray Mist. You won't find it on the display. You have to ask for it to be mixed up as a sample. From what I hear, BM paint is vastly superior to RH paint.
I took this off the HGTV Decorating Board - Colors section ---
Atmosphere Blue - Gentle Gray 1626. New: Iced Slate 2130-60.
Butter - Precious Ivory 185 OR Golden Straw2152-50 which slightly more gray but a good match. No new matches.
Butter Cream - Blossom Tint 933. No new matches.
Caffe Creme - Spanish White 943. No new matches.
Celery - Hawthorn Green 379 or Stanhope Yellow 280 (both very good, but not spot on). No new matches.
Creamware - Consentino Chardonnay 247. No new matches.
Latte - "This is a new color and I spec'd Crisp Khaki 234 as a close match and client was happy with it in comparison to her RH Latte chip." She nailed this.
Lavender - Same story as above spec'd BenM Porcelain 2113-60. This is now Pale Lavender and matches Venetian Marble 2114-70. (I like the old Lavender better.)
Saffron - Same story, but spec'd BenM Chestertown Buff HC-9. Nailed it again.
Silver Birch - Healing Aloe 1562. No new matches.
Sycamore Green - Moon Shadow 1516. Also distant match to Camouflage 2143-40.
The Right White - BenM's Super White (used on all the trim in the RH stores). No new matches.
Willow - Mesquite 501. No new matches.
New Colors:
Blue Sage. No matches anywhere.
Blush Rougissant. Behr Angels Kiss EPWN-7. Pratt&Lambert Pearly Gates 2268.
Butter Cream. Behr Night Glow PIC-6. Ace 3-G Lantern Light.
Buttermilk. No matches.
Cappucino. Berkshire Beige AC-2.
Chocolate. Brown Sugar 2112-20.
Cloud White. Glacier White OC-37.
Dusk. Mozart BLue CC-1665. In the Midnight Hour CC-1666.
Flax. Taupe 2110-10.
Hyacinth. No matches.
Lilac. SW 7078 Minute Mauve. Distant -- BM Portland Gray 2109-60.
Linen. Behr Toasted Barley PPL-60.
Mediterranean White. Behr Parchment Paper 710C-1. Pittsburgh Spun Cotton 119-1.
Orchid. No matches anywhere.
Petal. Pittsburgh Paint Peach Statice 123-1. Light Peach 122-2.
Rose. Pink Panther CC-1255.
Rouge. No matches.
Sea Green. Ace Hardware 153-C Treetops.
Seafoam. Behr Beach Wind ECC-32-2.
Silver Sage is BM's Gray Wisp CC-1570.

I am interested in Silver Sage for my kitchen and was wondering what would look good in adjoining rooms for good color flow through my house. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.