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      Member California 16v's Avatar
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      Jul 20th, 2008
      California, MD
      this thread in The Car Lounge :
      ... started in the Bay Area last Sunday and finished in PA today, with a 5 day video coming soon

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      Current :
      02 Bora SW 1.8T (AWP), 88 S2 16v (9A), 80 S1 Storm (EG), 78 S1 (PL 16V), 54 MG TF (XPAG)
      Past :
      04 Seat Leon (1.6 8v), 88 VW S2 16v, 80 VW Caddy (16V), 88 VW S2 16v, 80 Porsche 931 turbo S, 77 VW Rabbit, 56 VW Käfer : personal import from Germany (the 1 that I miss the most)

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      OK, so 1st, I posted:
      I've been doing my damn'dest to move the chit-chat to the next page, so-

      In the interest of those who maybe interested, I submit the following:

      50 Shades of Wayne, a mashup...
      (Go ahead, click on the link, it's kinda high-larious...)

      dude responded w/

      a ToP Piktuure:

      Life is good...

      and responsive. ;])

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      Quote Originally Posted by TBerk View Post
      (Go ahead, click on the link, it's kinda high-larious...)
      it's really well done
      no one cares what you think in real life...
      how do you figure the internet makes it any better.

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      Quote Originally Posted by DiezNutz View Post
      it's really well done

      btw- in case no one has checked out that link on the Top Of Page yet, let me direct you- away from my Shenanigans, towards his actual accomplishments:

      fix junk 1996 VW Golf that's sitting in a junkyard,...

      PS- I have a very intimate and (condensed) lengthy reply a'comin in regards to that thread...
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      Jul 16th, 2003
      At the mouth of 476 in PA
      To all of you out there fulfilling the duties and honor of being a dad. Happy Father's Day!!
      Wanted:Cirrus gray PS fender for S2 (one can dream) 1) Check your stash 2)Let me know
      wanted: Vanagon carat or wolfburg springs (89-91)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mtl-Marc View Post
      The engine does not need oil, it runs on awesomeness.
      Quote Originally Posted by Eistreiber View Post
      And coyotes are actually pretty cool to get along with if you don't mess with 'em.

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