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      Junior Member KoolLaid's Avatar
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      Feb 17th, 2011
      Quote Originally Posted by Chris Stack View Post
      I don't....

      came here to post this, but you beat me to it

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      Quote Originally Posted by MCTB View Post
      I think that it is raw enough that at 50% of potential, it would be terrifying enough to be fun. One of those 'you never see the tree that is going to kill you because you are sliding into it backwards' kind of cars.

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      Here's my two!

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      Quote Originally Posted by SLC YA View Post

      Here's my two!
      I LOVE that Merlot color on those 95 M gorgeous!

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      Mar 25th, 2009
      you guys probably do this a lot with your miatas....

      and heres family guy's take on the miata:

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      Dec 2nd, 2006
      We all need to buy Miatas so these folks can't buy them anymore:

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      Nov 2nd, 2009
      Waldorf, MD
      Quote Originally Posted by MLogan View Post
      Alan, you going to get rid of your STS license plate or what? Great seeing you guys again last week, I am sure we will meet again.

      Mike #45 STS CRX
      Can't get rid of our plate, we're close enough to the back of the pack that it's still a real possibility that we'll be DFL next time we run.

      The plate in question:
      Parsimonious Racing - autocrossing Miatas in the Washington DC area and beyond

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      Member Pf3il's Avatar
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      Dec 27th, 2004
      Brooklyn, NY
      one crappy pic of mine. mild STS prep at this point, plan to do more work over the winter and go hard next season. evolution school this saturday, i hope the weather holds out!

      if you've never had the pleasure of driving one, try to get some seat time. such an awesome and rewarding car to drive.

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      This thread has the makings of greatness.
      The SIDO <--The good ish

      Auto-x Box Deliciouscity

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      Aug 25th, 2002
      Austin, TX
      Quote Originally Posted by Big_Bird View Post
      This thread has the makings of greatness.
      ...or sadness for those of us that are between Miatas at the moment.

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      Senior Member JustinCSVT's Avatar
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      Oct 3rd, 2004
      Atlanta, GA
      One day I'll build an NC racecar...I really like that car.

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      Quote Originally Posted by mellbergVWfan View Post
      I saw it on Craigslist a while back. For the price he was asking it seemed like a steal to me. Did he get rid of it?
      Yeah, he got rid of it. For a lot lower than the CL price too. It was something ridiculous. Modded NB's are a dead was really hard for him to get rid of it. For just a little bit more cash you can pick up an S2000, E36 M3, or just something way faster and nicer than a '99 Miata.

      Quote Originally Posted by mellbergVWfan View Post
      Also how'd you get on Laguna Seca to take pics? I thought they only allowed the public on during Trackdays.
      I was actually at work; I work for Simraceway and we laser scanned Laguna Seca. They let us take our own cars onto the track to carry our equipment; usually we have rental cars since we travel, but Laguna Seca is so close that we just drove there. And I couldn't pass up the chance to get some super exclusive shots. Too bad I was working and really pressed for time, I could've gotten some amazing shots while the sun was setting!

      and to keep the thread going, here are some more.

      Momo Start seat. My interior is exactly like this except I have a Mod 78 wheel.

      The ugly Rotas that came on the car. I actually like the RB's (I used to own real Panasports), but I am NOT a fan of the polished lip and "hyper black" spokes....

      Not my photos:

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      Quote Originally Posted by MrMook View Post
      Snip bull****:
      I'm really just here for the pancakes.
      I'm Sorry Hachi... I love you.

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      Member wonderboy!'s Avatar
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      Jul 12th, 2006
      Hamilton Ontario
      deff has me craving picking one of these up next month !

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      i dont like miatas

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      Feb 13th, 2009
      Chicago, IL
      Quote Originally Posted by crannky View Post
      Did you not see that this picture was posted so people could buy Miatas to SAVE them from turning into that monstrosity? That thing is a giant POS
      ♪ Let's just drive, I wanna see what the wind does to your hair ♪

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      Member 1.8Tbug's Avatar
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      Jun 16th, 2008
      dont mean to threadjack

      1990 miata for sale pm if interested

      and yes i know this isnt the classifieds but its worth a shot

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      Oct 18th, 2003
      San Francisco, CA
      i've whored my car enough...but here's pictures of mine in various stages of ownership. the car has been recently returned to stock form and is awaiting sale , but it's for the best

      Global Time Attack: Every second counts.
      Support your local punk & hardcore scene.
      Quote Originally Posted by woofsburger View Post
      It's reassuring to know that when I finally hit the 98th percentile of US individual income, that I may then buy my dream car - a Toyota Avalon.

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      Want even more hushypushy? Automotive photography and journalism for the sophisticated gearhead: Star Road. [Updated 4/29]

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      Not my pictures.

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      Jul 24th, 2007
      Bowie, MD
      Quote Originally Posted by crannky View Post

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      Ugh. Some of these pics are hit and miss. I mean, painted steel wheels, 20s, really?
      Quote Originally Posted by sirswank View Post
      what's the retail on that?
      Quote Originally Posted by NeezDuts View Post
      Just about what you can afford pal, Porsche.

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