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      May 10th, 2008
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      Quote Originally Posted by spockcat View Post
      The Grand Am and the Javelin are especially nice. What was the last large 2 door coupe built in America (sedan sized with a decent rear seat but only 2 doors)? These have all but disappeared from the big 3 lineup.
      Technically I guess it was the mkVIII Lincoln as it was introduced later and production ran slightly later than the Thunderbird but it was more or less an evolution of the MN12 platform introduced in 1989. So here is an early Super Coupe, not hugely an oddball but rarely seen built for competition away from the strip. Not sure why, quick and great handling cars for their size.

      Quote Originally Posted by dubdaze68 View Post
      That Rocket 88 is interesting. Almost done up like a Carrera Panamerica race car.
      I believe he is native to Elkhart Lake, these pics were taken at Continental Roadrace Showcase early last August. The car was run there a couple times but I think it was crashed once and was repainted as it is now.
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      Igor Natan Segala...that beautiful bastard. I made out with him one time behind a Red Lobster in Mookala, Wisconsin - on a bet. Little did he know that the simple kiss and $7.48 would lead to life-changing consequences. That was before the war, before this all happened. (stares out over the nuclear wasteland)
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      Amazing how few of the late square body Caprices you see now.


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      Quote Originally Posted by dubdaze68 View Post
      Amazing how few of the late square body Caprices you see now.

      Quote Originally Posted by Gitcha Sum View Post
      Don't quit now. All it takes is one bolt a day and it's still becoming something.

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      How did I miss this thread??

      1980 Rabbit Truck Resurrection

      Quote Originally Posted by A&F View Post
      Modifying cars and car projects should always be viewed as throwing money away.

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      Quote Originally Posted by dubdaze68 View Post
      It's not just Dave nutting. We are all nutting over this one.

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      That Caprice. Hnnnnnnggg

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