ABT A9 wheel sizing question
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      ABT A9 wheel sizing question

      Guys I need some help. I searched and read and still don't get the wheel specs for these cars. My Carrado is lowered about an inch and a half and listed below are specs for the rear.

      The wheels are ABT A9s and my rear qtrs will be tucked. Any advice is welcomed. I just didn't know which to choose.

      17x8 + 24
      17x8 + 36
      17x8.5 + 30
      17x8.5 + 18
      17x8.5 + 42
      17x9 +24
      17x9+ 36

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      Where are you able to get ABTs with this much selection? Are you building your own ABTs? I'd probably choose the 17x8 +24

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      Building them

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      Quote Originally Posted by Vernon_a31 View Post
      Building them
      This is an older thread but should help

      .....vortex stalker extraordinaire.

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      Stock offset on a G60 is +35mm ET
      Stock offset on a VR6 is +43mm ET
      Brendan Prout
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      90 G60 Corrado 304k miles - RIP 2/12/11

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      Quote Originally Posted by g60racer View Post
      Stock offset on a G60 is +35mm ET
      Stock offset on a VR6 is +43mm ET
      Doesn't mean much without factoring wheel width and design.

      Factory wheels for both were 6.5", and the BBS design on the G60 was more flatfaced, with a larger lip. Speedline design is virtually flush with the wheel lip.

      And since you are building wheels, you are playing with barrels and lips...right? Back-spacing is something to be considered with different sized barrels.

      What size lip do you want? Is your only determining factor tucking at the rear? Are you rolling/pulling the rear fenders?

      With the sizing you posted, looks like you are sticking with the same barrels and adjusting lip size?
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