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      Mar 25th, 2009
      as someone who has ridden in a regular neon in high school.... i can't see how a turbo can make this car better. its just junk. for 8K though? hell naw

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      Sep 5th, 2007
      "Live Free Or Die"
      More and more parts for this car go NS1 (no longer available) every day. I get call about once a month for parts for the SRT4 and then when i tell them that part is NS1 the next line is " well what do i do now" Or " why dont they make parts for there race car anymore " So i would run away fast..

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      Nov 18th, 2012
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      Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk no.
      Quote Originally Posted by Sonderwunsch View Post
      People have been complaining about modern BMWs lacking steering feel so they are adding torque steer.
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      I don't trust the judgment of anyone who likes black wheels.
      Quote Originally Posted by BRealistic View Post
      I find it ironic that long time Euro brand fans would assume long term reliability issues would destroy any love of a unique product.

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      I'm just gonna put this rite cheer...

      ...get it on the cheap cheap or leave it alone! $.02
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      Mine was white, and I sprayed on the BRG with a rattle can. "Instant Lotus Cortina!"

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      Quote Originally Posted by NHDUBN#2 View Post
      More and more parts for this car go NS1 (no longer available) every day. I get call about once a month for parts for the SRT4 and then when i tell them that part is NS1 the next line is " well what do i do now" Or " why dont they make parts for there race car anymore " So i would run away fast..
      ^ All this. The SVT Focus and Saab 9-3 Viggen guys are also running into parts availability issues.

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      Parts availability aside, the motor in the SRT4 isn't some regular Chrysler block with a Turbo tacked on. This is NOT the Mazdaspeed Protege for example, which was the same motor as the regular Protege, with a turbo kit attached. That had no internal strengthening, so anything beyond stock boost would result in BOOM!

      The SRT4 motor has forged internals, the block is sleeved IIRC, among other significant improvements. This is why you had MOPAR performance kits supplied and warrantied from the manufacturer that pushed power to over 350hp.

      From Wiki:
      "The SRT4 engine had many improvements, including: stronger crank case webbing, a thicker deck with 11 mm head bolts (vs 10 mm), an oil drain back for the turbo, a cast aluminum structural oil pan, a higher capacity oil pump, a crankshaft of higher hardness steel, improved machining of bearing journals, oil squirters (to cool underside of pistons), eutectic aluminum alloy pistons made specially by Mahle, and forged connecting rods with cracked caps and 9 mm bolts. The cylinder head was also different for turbo engines, from naturally aspirated. The turbo version included: larger diameter valves and seats, exhaust valves made of Inconel, improved cooling and larger oil drain back passages, different camshafts."
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      I kind of like these, but for $8k? Might be worth thinking about for half the price. For $8k, get yourself a much newer and nicer Mazdaspeed 3 if you are looking for a FWD boost buggy.

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      Dec 20th, 2004
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      Quote Originally Posted by GLI Dan View Post
      SO, if you want it go for it but I'd offer $4500 and not go over $5000. That's only if theres paper work to back up the maintenance claims, the owner isn't a flatbill bro who likely beat on it, and it looks as good in person as it does in the pics.
      There's the problem. As near as I can tell, the only people who bought these cars were flatbrim bros, and they beat these things mercilessly.
      Now this was a superior machine. Ten grand worth of gimmicks and high-priced special effects. The rear windows lit up with a touch like frogs in a dynamite pond. The dashboard was full of esoteric lights and dials and meters that I would never understand.

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      Jan 23rd, 2012
      Bay Area
      I had one back in the day as well. The appeal then was it was a lot of performance for a reasonable price. The engine on it was loads of fun. And that's about it. The interior is the same ****ty Neon interior. Manual windows in the back, but not front? In any case, $8k is way to much for a Neon with that many miles.

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      Oct 17th, 2007
      Boulder, CO
      I wouldn't pay 8k for that 10 years and 100k miles ago.

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      Feb 17th, 2000
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      What's the worst that could happen?

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      Jul 16th, 2008
      shadyburg pa
      Okay it is an automatic so might not be AS fun. Still cheaper and miiiight get you into the front row of your local cars and coffee if you wear the leather jacket with it and put some chrome trinkets on it with the money difference

      Quote Originally Posted by 04_GLI_ View Post
      Yeah still drove it home bout 60 miles. Didn't know it was a broken timming belt, drove fine just made a lil noise.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Iroczgirl View Post
      No thanks. Too many doors.
      More doors for more... Oh nevermind.
      Let them eat cake...

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      Jun 10th, 2000
      I sold my 2004 over a year ago for $8k with ~100k, no mods, and good condition. Supply & demand. Negotiate.

      I enjoyed it while I had it. Fairly reliable, too, but I couldn't stand the ride anymore, because Metro Detroit roads suck.

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      do you know how many fairly nice cars you can have for 8k? that are 2005 or newer?

      Dont get me wrong the SRT4 neon was cool, but at 8k? hell no.

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      Mar 10th, 2007
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      Quote Originally Posted by BeckMan View Post
      That's a $2500 car on a good day.
      In what world?

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