For Mom! What was her favorite car she's had?
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      For Mom! What was her favorite car she's had?

      In honor of all the moms...

      Mine, a '97 Saab 900. She loved the heated cloth seats, built in NOAA weather band radio , and the overall level of sportiness it had.

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      Sep 30th, 2009
      Southern California

      2008 Mecedes ML350. No joke. Also in the same boring beige.

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      Aug 17th, 2012
      Garfield Heights, OH
      Custom ordered Eurovan VR6. Put almost 200,000 miles on it before we sold it! She also loves her current 2014 Silverado with Factory 22s (Her truck was liked so much by the reps it actually was the basis for the Rally edition!)

      Of all of the classic cars we've had she loved our 1952 Hudson Hornet Twin H
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      This is what I will always remember as being Mom's car. (wasn't this exact one, but same model - 1966 Rambler Classic)

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      Sep 22nd, 2011
      deep down, in places you don't talk about at parties
      I'll let you know if I hear from her today.
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      Oct 9th, 2002
      Northern part of the Virginia
      She still speaks very fondly of the two Beetles she had in the 60s.

      She had one after she married dad, then another one when they moved to their next assignment. He sold it one day without telling her to get an MGB and she was pissed.

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      Sep 12th, 2015
      The hell hole of Chicago
      My mom has no love for cars, she just treats them like appliances on wheels. Although she really hated her 2015 Sentra SL, well technically since she leased it, it wasn't hers. But I still can't forget back in the 60's my mom was cruising around in a Corvair that looked pretty much like the one below, until she totaled it.
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      Jul 23rd, 2011
      Western PA (currently), Southeastern New England
      Probably her current '16 C300 4MATIC with Premium 2 package.

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      My moms doesn't care much for cars. Except for high end pre-war European stuff.

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      Nov 26th, 2006
      Tie between her Super Beetle and her 2000 Highlander. Gets nostalgic over the Beetle, but wishes she could find another Highlander.
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      Oct 9th, 2016
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      Her first car, a 1966 Beetle. We had it until about 2001 when my dad sold it to get his 1931 Model A. The guy who bought it lives closeby and the beetle has been sitting for years. My dad has been trying to but it back for the last 5 years and it has been parked in the same spot since then.

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      My mother had one car and one car only. A 2 door black 84 Chevy Citation, but it was fully loaded with power and electric everything that could be optioned. I loved the all white interior. She gave it up in the early 90s because it had too many problems that constantly needed fixed. She hasn't owned or driven a car since.

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      Aug 25th, 2014
      2014 Charger Redline

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      Feb 20th, 2002
      1966 Oldsmobile Toronado- just like this one.

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      Nov 18th, 2001
      Near Rabbit5GTI

      For Mom! What was her favorite car she's had?

      Her burgundy 1987 Toyota Camry LE. She still talks about that car. Exactly like this one.


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      Sep 14th, 2010
      Bothell, WA
      My moms was a 280 Z, can't remember the year.

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      She loves her Audi TT. She has a 2011 and now has a 2016.
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      Feb 17th, 2007
      Bend, OR
      She loved her Ford Taunus 17M, same color scheme as this one:

      It was the last car she ever drove.
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      Aug 5th, 2004
      Southern Indiana
      Mom liked her '56 Morris Minor quite a bit.

      Most of her cars were appliances, but I do have a good photo of her at roughly 18 years of age sitting in the family '34 Ford.

      This is my first Mother's Day without her.
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      My mom says this one. A 1970 Dodge Charger hemi 4 speed same color & same white vinyl top. I wish she'd kept it!
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      Mine was white, and I sprayed on the BRG with a rattle can. "Instant Lotus Cortina!"

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      Her purple shadow

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      Senior Member Ryukein's Avatar
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      Dec 10th, 2006
      My mom always raves about how fantastic her Nissan Stanza Wagon was, she owned it for the first couple of years after I was born. It got replaced with a Voyager

      Hers looked pretty much like this:

      Her 2006 X3 is probably her favorite, though. We still have that (though she dailies a brand new Colorado now).
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      Oct 2nd, 2003
      Minneapolis, MN
      Her favorite was her Ford Excursion. She's still upset my dad sold it once all of the kids left the house (and gas was about $5 a gallon at the time)

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      Feb 3rd, 2006
      North Las Vegas
      Her '90 Accord LX sedan on which I learned to drive manual is her favorite of everything she's owned, and that includes a Corvair convertible with the Corsca flat 6 (dealer installed, not officially offered with the convertible) and four speed manual.
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      Dec 20th, 2011
      Gilbert, AZ
      My mom's favorite and only car was her 1998 Malibu. It wasn't a horrible car, just sooo boring but she used for driving around a very small upstate NY town and put few miles on it. She still talks about that car to this day. Other than smoking in the car, it was immaculate when she sold it.

      Looked just like this one minus the pin striping:

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