What car BRAND have you owned the most of?
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      Senior Member Sporin's Avatar
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      Feb 17th, 1999
      Vermont, USA

      What car BRAND have you owned the most of?

      I've owned multiple Mazdas and Hondas but no other brand has occupied space in my driveway more than Toyota:

      1. FJ55 LC
      2. FJ62 LC
      3. FZJ80 LC
      4. '82ish Corolla Wagon
      5. '85 4Runner
      6. '06 4Runner V8
      7. (another) '85 4Runner
      8. '05 4Runner V6
      9. '10 Prius

      sporin-trucks-all by David, on Flickr

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      unfortunately vw's however after my gli dies or i sell it.... i will no longer buy vw's
      class steppin'

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      Member GLI Dan's Avatar
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      Sep 28th, 2006
      South Florida
      Vw - 1 (2006-2012)
      bmw - 2 (2012 - 2017) & (2017+)
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      Cars are ****ing awesome, anyone who doesn't want a car is a communist.
      Disclaimer: Generally, I strongly dislike people.
      Prior Vehicles: MkIV GLI - e46 330ci

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      Member GruuvenNorth's Avatar
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      Dec 13th, 2006
      Ontario, Canada
      Variety is the spice of life for me.
      Easy like Sunday Morning.

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      tie: VAG/Ford
      Muh cahs: allpic My 3 C's- Challenger, Camaro & Corrado -*Dusk Edition SS-*Group-*Challenger RT
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      Mine was white, and I sprayed on the BRG with a rattle can. "Instant Lotus Cortina!"

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      Senior Member 6cylVWguy's Avatar
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      Jun 14th, 2000
      Blog Entries
      Definitely VW. They did the job back then. But now, I don't see myself owning multiple cars from the same brand.

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      Member PizzaCat!'s Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 2006
      Near McBanagon

      What car BRAND have you owned the most of?

      If by brand alone, VW. If by parent company, then VAG and Chrysler Corporation are tied (Plymouth and Jeep)

      Variety is good.
      Own a Chevrolet SS? Join the Official TCL Registry!

      It's me, Rabbit, I promise.
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      Senior Member Ryukein's Avatar
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      Dec 10th, 2006
      I personally have owned one Mazda and one Mercedes. If I count what my family has owned in the time that I've been alive, it would be:

      1 Nissan
      1 Subaru
      1 Volvo
      1 Plymouth
      1 Toyota
      1 BMW
      1 Chevroley
      Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | PSN: dsgolson | XBL: Ryukein
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      Your photos don't qualify for the Ryukein seal of approval

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      Geriatric Member spockcat's Avatar
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      Jun 4th, 2003
      West Coast, not that west coast. Bay area, not that bay area.
      I guess I would say 7 Porsche. 3x 914, 1x 914-6, and 3 inherited when my father passed away - 930 and a 928S (sold within a few months), and a 944 Turbo that I hung on to for several years but didn't drive much.
      5 VWs (2 Scirocco, 1 Rabbit, 2 Touareg).
      4 Chevrolet (Camaro, K1500, 1st gen Colorado, 2nd gen Colorado).
      3 BMW (2 E91, 1 Z4MC)
      3 Dodge (Shelby Charger, Caravan, Dakota)

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      I don't expect my next car to be a VW though - not because of any issues, I've just kind of had my fill of turbo front wheel drive cars for a while. Each one has been incrementally better than the last, but it's getting boring.
      Jason • Now 2.0T / 455 • Then 2.0T / 1.8T / 2.0

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      Member Dravenport's Avatar
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      Dec 20th, 2010
      Ottawa, Ontario
      I've owned 2 Hyundais

      '95 Dodge Stratus ES
      '02 Hyundai Tiburon SE (or whatever, the one with air conditioning)
      '06 Ford Taurus SEL
      '10 Hyundai Tucson
      '11 BMW 128i
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      If you want to spend a bunch of money for something to look at, buy a painting. I'll happily drive my car til its worth nothing.
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      Since my presence has been requested, Beetlejuice-style, I'll address the current controversy:
      Yes, the Prius is the greatest car ever made.

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      Moderator Oliver@triplezoom's Avatar
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      Nov 30th, 1999
      Fredericton NB Canada

      1998 Protege SE
      2006 Mazda6 GT wagon
      2002 Mazda Protege5
      2007 Mazda3 GT sedan
      2006 Mazda6 GT wagon

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      Member Stevo12's Avatar
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      Jul 27th, 2015
      Hartford, CT
      How do you view spouses' and/or parts cars?

      My wife bought the Mazda before we married (but we were together) so now that we are married, are all her Mazda are now belong to us?

      Anyway, I won't count SO's or parts cars for now. The official tally is a 3-way tie between BMW, Mazda, and Jeep (surprising for TCL, I know)

      BMW - 535i (E28), E36 M3 [+1 for E28 535is parts car]
      Mazda - 3, NA Miata [+1 for wife's 3]
      Jeep - YJ Wrangler, XJ Cherokee

      VW can be thrown in there too, even though the Mk2 is not yet titled in my name, and there's another parts car in there. It would take the lead if you include ALL VAG cars:

      VW - Mk6 Sportwagen, [Mk2 GTI], [Mk3 Jetta GLX donor car]
      Audi - B5 A4

      Honorable mentions:
      GM - '80 Sierra pickup truck
      Subaru - '02 WRX
      Nissan - Frontier

      I guess I subscribe to the 'variety is the spice of life' crowd.

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      Member 88c900t's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2014
      "typical wisconsin rust"
      Quote Originally Posted by GruuvenNorth View Post
      Variety is the spice of life for me.
      2 Chevy
      2 Pontiac
      2 Saab
      1 Oldsmobile
      1 VW
      1 Ford
      1 Dodge
      1 Lexus
      1 Volvo
      1 Nissan
      1 Mazda
      1 Honda
      Typical forum guy with busted third-hand cars.
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      I like this guy, I like this guy a lot.
      Quote Originally Posted by l88m22vette View Post
      88c900t wins again, you really ****ing crush it at listing a ton of cheap options
      Quote Originally Posted by volvohutter View Post
      You'll always get a pass due to your history of owning classy and sophisticated automobiles

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      1 Honda
      2 Toyota
      2 VW
      2 FiatChrysler (current)

      3 Honda (1 current)
      2 Yamaha (both current)
      5 Kawasaki (2 current)

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      Member Bibs's Avatar
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      Sep 17th, 2001
      SW Ontario
      Miata X 2

      Many of my family members have driven my cars over the years, and ended up switching to Mazdas...insert comment about viral advertising or such.

      I could add 7 more Mazdas that were a result of a family member liking my car, and buying a Mazda as their next.

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      I've had 3 Volvos and 2 Porsches and will be getting more of each at some point

      3 Volvo
      2 Porsche
      2 VW
      1 Ford
      1 Honda
      1 BMW
      1 Subaru
      1 Saab
      1 Mazda
      1 Toyota
      1 Nissan
      1 Chevy

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      The 930 is car equivalent of that guy who says "hold my beer, watch this"

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      40 Year Old Madonna Fan patrikman's Avatar
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      May 10th, 2008
      44.5 North, 88 West
      Overall: GM

      otherwise I'm tied at 4 with Olds, VW, and Subaru.
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      Why does a guy trying to shove a water bottle up his ass have anything to do with the Bay area and helping it sustain itsel.....wait nevermind.

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      Member Power5's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 19th, 2001
      Cincinnati, Ohio
      '86 gti
      '91 eclipse
      '88 90
      '87 4000q
      '01 TT 225
      '87 Suburban 454
      '88 ABA16vT Rocco
      '90 GTI VR6
      '91 Passat Wagon VR6
      '96 Jetta
      '99 XJ
      '08 Escape
      '06 KJ
      '11 Sonata
      '14 Volt
      '01 Camaro SS

      VAG - 8
      Chevy - 3
      Jeep - 2
      Ford - 1
      Mitsu - 1
      Hyundai - 1

      VW was my first car. So got into modifying with them and made lots of friends with them. So they made up the first half of my driving life.
      Last edited by Power5; 05-15-2017 at 11:35 AM.

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      Member Deserion's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 28th, 2000
      Jacksonville, FL
      Volkswagen (no more for me):
      2000 New Beetle 2.0L
      2005 New Beetle 1.8T
      2007 Golf GTI

      Porsche is the current runner-up, but likely to be frontrunner in the next few years:
      2004 Boxster 2.7L
      1991 911 Carrera 2

      Tying for third:
      Mercedes-Benz - 1995 E320 sedan
      Subaru - 2017 Outback 3.6R

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      Senior Member AZGolf's Avatar
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      Jun 6th, 2000
      Phoenix area
      Apparently Honda, although I haven't owned a Honda since 2010.

      3 Hondas
      2 Toyotas
      1 Nissan
      1 Hyundai
      1 Mazda
      1 Ford

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      Member zaYG's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 28th, 2009
      7 cars

      3 Volkswagens
      1 Audi
      1 Mazda
      1 Saab
      1 Saturn

      So 3 VWs for me. 4 VAG cars when you include Audi. I have 2 dead GM brands in there as well!
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      Senior Member JustinCSVT's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 3rd, 2004
      Atlanta, GA
      2013 Boss 302
      1999 SVT Contour

      2011 CC
      2015 GTI

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      Member Omega360's Avatar
      Join Date
      Aug 13th, 2014
      1 Saturn (gone)
      2 VW (1 VW gone)
      1 Jeep

      Not great but hey I'm still young
      "Look pal, I'm an engineer. That means I solve problems. Not problems like: what is beauty? Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of Philosophy. I solve practical problems!" ~ Dell C.
      Proud owner of a 2015 GTI SE (midnight blue) with performance pack, lighting package and 6 speed

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      Member Chris_V's Avatar
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      Jun 18th, 2009
      Pikesville, MD
      I've owned over 30 custom aircooled VWs, so that one takes the prize for my household.
      "Like a fine Detroit wine, this vehicle has aged to budgetary perfection"

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