Brand new! this kit was just realeased! It has been in production for the last 6 months and on back order. I had ordered this kit back in the beginning of December and since then I have moved and I want to go with methanol injection instead for cooling because I moved to Florida. Well I cant afford both so I am getting rid of this kit to fund for methanol injection. This kit is brand new and retails for 516$ on sale and is on back order. With that being said I'm sure there might be someone out there that would maybe pay a little more to get it now instead of waiting for who knows how long. As of now it is two months on back order. And when I first ordered this kit it said I would receive it in a month. I ended up waiting almost 6 months to Recieve it. I know they have been working very hard on this kit and it shows, the parts are very quality.