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      Aug 14th, 2003
      Quote Originally Posted by The_Real_Stack View Post
      My current workplace? My home? I guess the cars are kinda nice...
      I have to go in and sit there by myself once or twice a week.
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      Apr 26th, 2018
      Saw this one in the garage the other day:

      Most of the "nice" cars are expensive SUVs not worth taking a picture of (but I did anyway)

      This guy was in the daycare lot (also on campus)

      Best car I've seen so far:

      A Star Wars: Rogue One Edition Rogue

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      Nov 7th, 2001
      The Village
      It’s a pretty small parking garage.

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      Nov 8th, 2004
      Crapville, PA.
      Have a ton of pics, some of my favorites w/ 2 different employers.

      And the best of all

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      Dec 2nd, 2006
      Near McBanagon
      *looks out front window*

      SS registry owner-emeritus

      Quote Originally Posted by Vee-Dubber-GLI View Post

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      Turtles walk slowly, but get angry fast! Smooremin's Avatar
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      Jan 10th, 2006
      Chicago, Il
      My buddy has a nicely modded MK6 GTI, but that is about it. Not a whole lot of anything else worth noting.
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      About 5 oclock I realized I needed to go to Costco for some white people stuff.

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      Sep 28th, 2006
      South Florida
      hmm never saw this thread before. Most of the offices in my building are still operating remotely for the most part. It just been us, one or two of the other defense firms and a trickling of the CPA's in the building since March/April.

      Once we get back to business I'll have to grab some shots but there is some serious stuff that shows up occasionally and on a regular basis.

      1. Alpina B6
      2. Alpina B7
      3. M6
      4. Several 911's of the 996/7 and 991 varieties
      5. a few caymans, 987's
      6. An M4 which I have recently added my own to
      7. a GLC 63
      8. There are about 3 nicely modded Fiesta/WRX cars but I've only seen them a handful of times in passing.
      9. Someone recently picked up a brand new Audi S7...honestly I think I liked the last one better.
      10: AMG GT63S the sedan, in matte grey with all black trim/wheels; pretty imposing with the spec the owner has.
      11: guy in my office has an M2
      12: Pretty sure someone just picked up a new Panamera

      Occasional vistors: We have a few court reporting offices in the building so occassionally some heavy hitting attorneys/clients show up in some impressive stuff, this is a list of those cars that come about once a month at least:
      1. grey 991 GT3RS; always cool seeing this thing parked in the garage. It makes everything else look so mundane.
      2. R8, not sure on details
      3. There is a Portofino and a 458 that I see at least a couple times a year
      4. There is a red 720S that I've seen a few occasions

      I'll start snapping pics of the more interesting stuff when they start showing up again.
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      Cars are ****ing awesome, anyone who doesn't want a car is a communist.
      Disclaimer: Generally, I strongly dislike people.
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      Mar 22nd, 2013
      Kenosha, Wi
      Quote Originally Posted by adrew View Post
      Just started parking in a new lot and saw this.

      Please get pics when he brings the other car in to work!

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      Aug 22nd, 2014
      Most of the guys in chemical plants and refineries go for the biggest truck or the latest muscle car. One regional manager got an early model 3 so a few more are popping up, but the X's are all at hq.

      There's a 2018 Chevy 3500 dually that lays frame.

      A new young turnaround manager pulled up between all the trucks in a bashed up m3 drift missile.

      I haven't been brave enough to try and get my 69 beetle with no doors and no engine cover through the gate. I have them, but it's so much more fun without. I did manage to leave oil in 7 spots in a row last year.

      There's a guy who makes custom smokers, and he brought one that looks like a revolver.

      One project manager had a new corvette every few years since 1965. He still has them all, and brought one of each gen to a company picnic and let us drive. He rode a goldwing in a suit and wingtip boots on Fridays.

      Instrument designer had a Pantera he and his son built together that he sold a few days after he finished it.

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      Member 4th Branch's Avatar
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      Oct 5th, 2007
      E63 S Wagon for him, previous gen E63 sedan for her

      My office is a few exits from Tesla HQ so naturally a ton of Tesla's in the lot

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      Senior Member chucchinchilla's Avatar
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      Dec 25th, 2004
      Los Gatos, CA
      Such a BC (before corona) thing to discuss. Seriously our company has effectively shut down it's office in Sunnyvale. If you want to go in you have to A) be on a super essential role that necessitates being in the office which is basically nobody otherwise we're not in the office until end of year and even then we'll likely adopt Google's stance and hold off until next summer. Also if it was open you'd just see a bunch of EV's/PHEVs.
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      This forum is more and more of an embarrassment every day...

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      Feb 16th, 2013
      Most corporate parking garages are pretty boring. Even folks who own nice stuff are likely to drive something else to the office. CEO used to drive an R8, but now just has a car service. CFO drives a Hennsey Velossaraptor. Other than that, there's a Gallardo that comes in from time to time (no idea who owns it).

      With COVID, everyone drives a wifi connection into work.

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      Nov 8th, 2004
      Crapville, PA.
      This is was nice and will be again once repaired. It’s manual and amazing condition

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      Member 2ohgti's Avatar
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      Nov 8th, 2004
      Crapville, PA.
      Another one. Too much white IMO. All just painted.

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