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      Member nismodrifter's Avatar
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      Apr 2nd, 2004
      Calgary, AB, Canada
      Visceral. yes.

      1995 348 Spider
      Nouvalari Supersport Exhaust
      Fabspeed high flow cats.

      It screams. No power steering. Clicking sound of the gated shifter. Drives like a go cart. Fun fun.
      I drive it once per week. Anymore is too much.

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      Member Activ8's Avatar
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      Aug 25th, 2011
      Ann Arbor, MI
      Yes! My FR-S could be described as visceral, but the Evo has just the right combination of power, handling and all-round rawness that other, more refined cars simply don't. I've had the good fortune to be in some real fast cars (as driver or co-passenger) over my lifetime in the industry. Some are so isolated, you don't realize the speed you're going at because they're just so smooth - I've yet to be in a GT3 RS, but the 911 Turbos (996, 997 and 991 that I've experienced) are fast without being bone-jarringly so. The neck-snapping Aventador comes very close to being visceral. But the most visceral ones have been Viper, C6ZR1 and my Evo. And if there was a 'most' visceral, then the CT9A Evo would be it.

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      Member compy222's Avatar
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      Apr 7th, 2005
      So many potholes
      ^ Evo IX MR that i owned was up there. that car was full kill.

      The s2000 is very visceral, the exhaust, intake, 9k rpm redline, rifle bolt shifter, open air of the convertible. i think it's one of the most affordable "special" cars out there.

      some other contenders - Mk6GTI's Katech Street Attack C6 Z06, any 930 Porsche, the new 911 GT3RS, and any well sorted Miata.
      Quote Originally Posted by capsaicin View Post
      AP1 S2000? I can not in good conscience talk you out of that. May your slip angle be great and your bed not be the couch!

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      Sep 26th, 2000
      993 i would say is definitely visceral.

      The RS4 I think is fairly visceral compared to all the new stuff offered! Not MK2 GTI visceral but still more so than anything that Audi currently offers!

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      Member Dr.AK's Avatar
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      Jul 16th, 2007
      near Cologne, Germany
      My Mondeo... hell nah. Compared to some other modern cars it still feels relatively decent, but overall it kinda feels like driving on a Playstation. Comfortable, relatively disconnected, even if it is surprisingly quick for a 200hp fwd wagon and actually holds it's own in corners surprisingly well even if it's far from a racecar. In short, it's a good, comfortable daily driver that does not wear you down.

      My 944S... I'd say yes. It's not pants-****ting terrifying like some of the other cars named in this thread, but driving that thing through the twisties is an experience. As far as sportscars go it's relatively tame - relatively soft suspension, not all that much power. It can be driven through town and be relatively unassuming. But when you get out of town onto some backroads, that's where this car comes alive. It hugs corners like nothing else I've driven and is so instinctive to drive, mostly due to the feedback you get from everything in the car and especially the driving position. You feel very centered in the car - the car basically rotates around you. The engine, being the 2.5 16v, needs revs to come alive and it's absolutely addictive. It feels like a racecar because the engine just wants to run and run and run. It makes you want to never get out, never stop attacking corners. It's a rush.
      '87 Porsche 944S - make flip up lights great again!
      '87 Audi 80 1.9E
      '10 Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 Ecoboost
      Instagram: @bastienbochmann

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