Clash of the not at all similar EVs, help me decide
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      Jul 16th, 2004
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      Clash of the not at all similar EVs, help me decide

      I have cancelled my Polestar 2 order, and am going to dive into the shady flippers market. P2 delivery was pushed back to Jan. 2021, and that is too long of a wait.

      I have summarised the pros and cons of the two candidates, but I am struggling to land here. These are the two actual candidates.

      Polestar 2

      Can tow
      Can use roof rack
      Has a frunk
      Faster (400hp)
      Nicer looking inside and outside

      Higher Quick Charge cost
      Higher price
      More "cramped" up front
      Cannot get rust proofing
      Seeing lots of teething problems reported

      VW ID. 3.

      Feels roomier
      Very quiet
      Very low quick charge cost with the Ionity network
      Lower price
      Can get rust proofing
      So far not a single problem reported, though P2 has a three week lead
      Very efficient, Tesla Model 3 level of efficiency

      Slower (200Hp)
      Only RWD
      Not as nice inside
      Cannot tow
      Cannot use roof rack
      No frunk for you!

      Both can carry 19 banana boxes according to Bjørn Nyland, so practicality chould be a wash not considering the towing and roof rack options the P2 has.

      P2 is about 20% more than the ID. 3.

      EDIT: Range is similar in ideal conditions, but the lack of heat pump on the P2 will lead to shorter range on that in winter relative to the ID. 3. which has one.
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      Nov 26th, 2006
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      What was the deal with your Tesla? I'm hearing now that Europe will be getting Chinese made Teslas, which apparently are better built than what Fremont can produce at the moment, until that plant gets overhauled.

      Objectively, I like the ID3 for the reasons you'be posted. Beyond that, not so sure.

      Would the upcoming iX3 be a consideration?

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      Nov 7th, 2001
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      Has VW ironed out all of the issues with various components in the I.D. 3 not playing nice with one another? I thought I’d read they shipped cars that didn’t offer all of the advertised features because that was such a mess.

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      Mar 23rd, 2014
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      I go Polestar, it’s issues can’t be worse than the inevitable VW gremlins.